Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Hi Miss Olivia,

So, you can't possibly get how much we love you. Even though we have crazy growing pains (like teething, getting sick, and mama learning how to nurture), the craziness is but minutes long compared to our pure joy overall. 

Dad and I were talking about how loving you are these days. Your hugs and squeezes around our necks warms us up and melts our hearts. You're very keen toward emotion now, and watching you develop that skill has been awesome.

"Adabadabdab" - you jibber-jabber all day long! Dad noticed you talking the other day and said, "Listen to her!" He was smitten because you have the cutest voice. By the way, I'm told I was the exact same way - talk talk talk! - all day long.

Your latest faves: the playground(s) of Wymountland, and pointing to eyes and saying, "eyhes." You're always up for bananas, frozen blueberries, and whatever Mom and Dad have. Yes, if we're eating _____, you passionately want to eat ______. 

Dad's favorite thing about you right now: those hugs, as mentioned. And that you cry for him when he leaves.

And mama's: wow, everything? Your eyes, the light in your face, your kindness, and joy. I adore that you say "hi" to people wherever we go.

xoxox to eternity and beyond!

Mama & Dad

P.S. I shared two more things I love/have learned from Olivia over at The Small Seed yesterday. Click here to read the post!


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