Tuesday, July 23, 2013
You know what recently made our marriage a bit sweeter? Twenty little notes that admitted what we just kind of like about each other. Cliche, we know, but fun nonetheless - we hid the stickies around the house and found them over the course of a few days.
Ryan left a note in my yoga mat, an un-used diaper, and tucked between sheets of the toilet paper roll. I put a note in sandwich of his, in his deodorant cap, and behind one of his name tags. The note I left in his wallet asked him on a date, so on Friday we went out. Ooh la la!

We strolled The Riverwoods, ate some Malawi's, and clearly nailed the lovers selfie ;) We talked and talked about our present and future, our hopes and worries, the LSAT and our Olivia. 

Writing the notes was Ryan's idea for a Family Home Evening, along with reading this talk and discussing all things "us." Our thoughts left us enlightened, motivated, and, well, more in love (which is why we've got to be more consistent with FHE!). Taking time together to learn spiritually and talk improvement was good. It's always really good.

Our debriefing, notes, and date were just what we needed so that the we're-so-in-love sparks will fly. Keeping marriage young always takes a bit of work, but isn't the best of kinds? Love is what you go through together!


  1. Such a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to give that a try! :)

  2. You inspire me!

  3. Such a beautiful idea! I love you said keeping marriage young takes a lot of work. I think the young stages are so beautiful and keeping those times alive longer is something I would love to do! Thank you for the idea, and sharing your photos! Loved it all!


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