Wednesday, July 24, 2013
#1 | The blast of a race, the Temple to Temple 5K. We and nearly 5,000 other runners (wowza!) ran from the Provo Temple to the up-and-coming Provo City Center Temple. I'm so genuine in saying this was the funnest 5K I've ever ran. We are all looking forward to it next year...
Watching at the finish line...
My favorites. How I love the women in my family! If my lady ancestors were anything like these fine women, you can bet I'd love them, too. 
Grandma + Olivia - it's love!
Those of us that "trekked" today. Three babes included, of course. 
One of the best parts of the race was watching Olivia clap her hands with joy as she passed the masses in her stroller (Ryan, the speedy man, pushed her). She's a crowd lover. The more people the merrier for that girl!
#2 | This text from Ryan, sent sometime during the day...

"Happy Pioneer Day to the most courageous pioneer in my life. I'm so grateful we're making this trek in the same wagon. You are so beautiful and sweet and perfect."

When he called me a pioneer, I remembered this definition from this article by Thomas S. Monson, and of course I shook my head (and, of course, I smiled), "A dictionary defines a pioneer as 'one who goes before to prepare or open the way for others to follow'..." 

Man. How I dream of becoming the "Jeni" that he sees in me - I'll be working my whole life to find her! How I love my pioneer, Ryan. He opens my way of happiness daily, as we bump along together in our life's little wagon. 

Happy, happy Pioneer Day! Bless the hundreds of people that prepared my way. Abundantly grateful for their lives and determined to honor them by mine, bless the stalwart pioneers!


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