Wednesday, July 31, 2013
We don't usually spend the night away from Olivia, but last night we did for the anniversary.

We don't usually lounge by ourselves at a pool, but yesterday we did - at one tucked beneath a mountain.

I don't usually forget to wear mascara, but yesterday I did and I didn't even notice. Ryan kept saying I was beautiful all day and he meant it, I knew it, so heavens - what's a mirror?

We don't usually take so few photos of adventures, let alone of us eating a fast burger and fries, but yesterday we did to capture something of this trip. The children must know that we spent this time together away as old marrieds, even while being young parents.

We don't usually focus so much on our marriage, but doing so lately has been really good. Our efforts, big and small, have made us feel truly in love, and more than that, so grateful to be us


  1. You will never ever regret the time you take to spend as a couple! Happy Anniversary!


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