Monday, July 22, 2013
We spent a recent summer day at Bryce Canyon Ntl. Park with my family, and I tell ya - what a place, what a crew, what a day. 

We had three babies, three toddlers, and two big kids in tow, and I'm still pinching myself that one of those eight is ours. Ryan and I are grown ups? Whaaa??

Hold on to your briches, kids... :)
While the steep and knobby red rocks were a-mazing, I was kind of taken with the trees. They were huge, twisted, and tipsy, and I loved them. Must be the Lorax in me. 
Some QT with family was the best part of all. There's something so sweet about being with your parents, brothers, and sisters...there's nothing quite like being a part of a family. 

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  1. That last picture of Oliva giving you a kiss is too adorable!!!


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