Monday, July 15, 2013
This week I'm playing mom to the kids of the perfect house, and they plus Olivia make five littles in all. Am I cut out for this? says my head to myself, and Uh, duh, you're a mom, is what my heart says back.

But still.

While everyone is still alive and the house is not destroyed, aka things are going great, I still find myself asking, How does my sister do it?

How did my mother of six and my mother-in-law of eight do it all? Mothering is the biggest of deals, is all, and even with my one, I often feel too small for the job. From feeding, to washing, to enlightening, and beyond, it is pure work to be a mother.

Of course this week will be so much fun - I love these kids, this house, and this life. But one real-life afternoon down, and I'm just standing amazed at the incredible abilities of real-life mothers. They're the women of this world that make it go round, and while I'm the least of them all, I'm proud to be among them.

Albeit frightening and exhausting at least half of the time, it is exciting and enlivening to be a mother. 


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