Saturday, July 20, 2013
No big, she just helped me unload the dishwasher the other night, as she stood there on her own and tossed utensils behind her. That dishwasher was pretty novel for us apartment folk, and Olivia and I both just kind of loved it. With many meals to make and a whole lot of mess, I was grateful that something else could do that dirty work. 

This last week found me grateful for a few other things, one being the sweet sensitivity of children. My niece, Addie, said during one dinner prep's hype, "Jen, I can see you need some help. What can I do?" Her willingness to serve really softened my heart. We switched places for a second, via her considerate words, as I felt loved and cared for by her.

Then prayer - it was big for me, too, as I needed extra gusto to meet every little person's needs. Mothers need to be "the eye of the storm," you know, and I can't be if I'm working on my own. Prayer places my order for divine help and hope for good, productive, and peaceful days - and Heavenly Father - He always delivers.

Feeling grateful to be learning and growing in small ways. Life is so good. All is well!


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