Wednesday, July 17, 2013
It started off with Kiwi Crates, nautical style. Lolly made a sail boat that "just had to swim!" so at 9:00 AM, suddenly dressed in her swimsuit, she jumped into the tub and sailed it away. Olivia looked on with doting eyes.

The kids did their thing as Olivia kept adoring them. She's in love with that chair (ie, her toes are hugging that spoke) and she can't get enough of her cousins. She'll wonder where the party went when we have to go home...poor girl. Mama is a bore compared to these guys.
Then we swam like little crazies.
Smiles or scary faces all around! We had a blast.

"Okay put me to bed." It's tough to be a kid, says the little pursed-lipped doll.
Addie came home from sewing camp with her first finished project - "my totally cute pillow case! Don't you love the fabric??" Here's a close-up of her totally cute project, mom and dad!
 "Mom! Me. Bed. Now."
Before I could blink it was time to eat again, and dinner was served per Addie's request: grilled tuna sandwiches with cheddar cheese and dill pickles. Side it with tomato soup, served with a straw. Got it.
Promise I made the sandwiches according to orders - "I want a full," "a half," "I can eat a full! I swear I can eat a full."

But behold, the leftovers. Of course.
It was off to the park to finish the day. What else is to be expected of warm summer night?
Olivia, the big kid, was not to be left out.
The kids are building "Bowser Land" for Mario and his friends, complete with a volcanic obstacle. Sweet.
Then were two showers, three baths, and one family prayer, and Ryan came home just in time for the bedtime story...Once upon a time there was a star cadet (Andrew) on a quest to find the fanciest girl on the planet (Miss Lolly)...

It turned out to be a wonderful day, and they all lived happily, exhaustedly ever after. The end.  


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