Monday, June 24, 2013
She's here! Last weekend, my grown up little sister moved in down the street. She is a fresh, new, bright college girl. 
Since every apartment needs beauty and every student needs hope, I picked out these prints for Kimbee from Alexa Z Design. Cheers to Lex for making great words look lovely - these prints were the perfect little gift. Kimbee is my sweetheart sister, and now - more than ever - she can expect great things both of herself and for her future. 
I think college is a season of life much like summer - it's bright and fun and exciting. You look forward to it longingly, you love it when it's here, and you can miss it so when it's gone. And like a sweet summer, much of how college turns out is because of what you do, I'd say. So in a letter tucked between her prints, I told Kimbee to go big - to do every good thing, to be her greatest self, and to remember, above all, that she is so loved.

She disagrees, but I'm happier about her freshman status than she is. Via this college girl, the best of times lie ahead for us all!

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