Monday, June 10, 2013
I have a very favorite running route. It's packed with hills upon hills, as it takes us up to the neighborhoods above our apartment, and those hills+pushing the stroller makes the run a full-body workout that I love.

Luckily Olivia babe likes the ride, too, because we run this loop nearly four times a week. Running is free therapy, they say, and for me that's a sound, tried-and-true claim. 
Today it was necessary that we documented this beautiful, ordinary part of our life right now. The summertime world is being gorgeous, and I don't want to forget how sweet our current normal is - this season of running with my daughter and absolutely loving it. 
And I don't think I've seen a prettier Provo Temple in my life! The rose bushes on its grounds are heavy with the prettiest blooms.
It was about 95 degrees out there today, so while I was one red, sweaty mama, I'm glad that a passerby offered to document us. It's future proof for Olivia that she is my #1 workout pal and that this is us in real life. 
And as I let my body work hard, think aloud to my baby girl, and point out the birds and beauty to her along the way, I can't help but feel that this real life is a good one. I am so grateful for simple blessings like a lovely world and exercise.

Post Script...

I have a FAQ's page coming this blog's way, and while I have answers to frequent questions that I've been asked, I wanted to open the door for any more queries out there. Anything you want to know about me, Ryan, Olivia, married life, mothering, _________, or tasty ways to eat vegetables (I'm a veggie lover)? Send your thoughts!

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  1. love the sweetness of this post! I love that you want to remember even the smallest of things like a regular run. Olivia will love these pages one day. :)


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