Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Hey Olivia -

What do you get with delicious gappy front teeth, dirty post-crawling feet, and small forehead bruises from bonking into door frames?

A nine-month-old. You!

We all agree - you, dad, and me - that nine-months-old is the life. You're curious and cuddly, you're friendly and fun. Your laugh is a wheezy kind of thing that you share all the time. Never stop laughing. Yours is the best.

Dad's favorite thing about you: you're a mover and a lover. He crawls around the house with you, growling like a bear, and in return for his time, you kiss him. So sweet.

Mine: you leave others happier than you found them by sharing your infectious, scrunchy smile. You've taught me that smiling is a cure-all for unhappiness. Thanks, little love - that's really good to know.

How we adore your bright and happy soul. Cheers to your life - you breathing, beautiful doll.

Love you so,

Mama + Dad


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