Wednesday, May 29, 2013
a photo from a while ago

While it could have been so dreary, even without the rain, yesterday turned out lovely.

Of course, thanks to Ryan.

We ventured to the DLD to renew my license but left instead with wasted time and my bruised ego. The documents I gathered to prove that I'm married, legal, and Utahan weren't all right, and that was my second attempt at doing so. AKA, Adulthood is my new life and sometimes I'm lousy at it.

Walking back to our car I grimaced with annoyance and not necessarily because I was turned away - I was more so embarrassed. How could I have messed that one up again? was my first thought, followed by I just wasted Ryan's precious time... 

I was deep down worried that Ryan would be bothered by our fruitless experience (because naturally I would be), especially since my mistake made it so . But ever my faithful handhold, he just laughed, side-hugged me, and said "Oh Jen."

That means he understands.

That means I need to let the worry go.

That means he loves me. Despite X,Y, or whatever silly Z I did or did not do, he loves me.

Loving unconditionally, as Ryan so easily does, has made the difference in our marriage. Yes, understanding good intent and loving that alone - that's one of Ryan's greatest gifts.

And I love him enormously for giving it to me.


  1. I know exactly what you mean :-) My husband is the same way. Coincidentally, we had a similar experience, except my problem was that I couldn't pass the stinking driving test! I also walked out with a bruised ego.

    Adulthood is just plain hard some days. You're doing great, Mrs. Jeni. Not to mention, you've managed to create the most adorable little girl in the world -- I hope you're giving yourself lots props for that.

  2. Bless you, woman, I feel you DLD pain! You're so sweet, Katie - thank you for being so positive and encouraging. We all need it these days, yeah? xoxo.


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