Wednesday, May 8, 2013
We had a good time at home. A really, really good time. 

We spent the evenings out back because we could. Summer is oh so close!

Aunt Kimbee + Olivia! 
Kimberlee is a super busy wonder woman/graduating senior/student body officer, so the evening that we had her all to ourselves was heavenly. 
Dad A. joined us for another good round of tennis at the beloved courts. 
We stopped in at the Institute to visit Dad G. and Mother Susie. Mom is the secretary over there, and Dad's stake president office is right above her, so those two are rarely out of each other's sight (such lucky married folk - I'd die to be with Ryan all day)!
"Ich liebe dich" to dad from my missionary brother, Nick. That love line Nick dropped on the board hasn't been touched since January 2011, and if I were a betting woman, I'd wager it will stay there until Dad is released as stake is that loved.
More grandpa-baby loves via these two, Grandpa A. + Olivia! 
Uncle Jason was honored for earning the eagle scout award, and man, that's a big deal! Watching the review of his scouting experiences and receiving his award was inspiring. Made me want to raise a whole troop of fine looking boys like these three, boys that are trustworthy, brave, thrifty, and cheerful. Go Jason!
Then Uncle Isaac (he's holding the poster with two hands) had his special event - he was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a day! I felt a distinct peace and happiness as I watched Isaac take this step. My favorite part was the confirmation because I know what Isaac's in for...having the Holy Ghost as a guide changes everything everything everything about life for the better.
We played with Luke in the afternoons - thanks, kindergarten, for ending early in the day.
And we loved when Uncles Tyler and Isaac came home from school - and Uncles Nate and Jason! Olivia only has a few uncles ;) 
We spent some quality time with my angel Grandparents, and love via Grandpa G. + Olivia happened again!
And one last cheer for Kimbee...I love her so! Can't believe she's graduating. So happy she'll be joining us (we expect to see her daily, right Kimbee?). Provoland does not know what it's in for.
Our time at home convinced me yet again that love is what you go through together. 

Why? Because I love my families - I adore them! - because I've been through a lot with the ever-growing, handful of people that I call "mine." 

I also re-learned that real happiness is everything family. Celebrating, working, playing, even just eating with mothers, brothers, fathers, and sisters brings true joy. Things and titles and toys are nice, but they can't keep the heart full. But relationships, families - they can. 

And they do.


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