Tuesday, May 14, 2013
We hiked around Sundance yesterday, one of my personal havens on this planet. I love that land, and I love it a billion times more when I'm there with my beloveds.

We traversed one of our favorites - the trail to Stewart Falls - and the world couldn't have been more lovely. The sun was making the leaves glow and our skin warm. The river to our side was babbling calming things. The mountain ahead was weathered and strong, stunning and still. 

At one point, Olivia babe was bumping along the trail atop Ryan's shoulders. Her chubby arms bounced in stride with his steps. She was laughing, and when I called out her name she arched herself back to see me. She met my gaze and smiled wide.

Her excited expression said, “Mama I am happy,” and then, right there, my heart was full of that feeling.

Full of that gratitude that asks, “Why me?” How am I married to that incredible man? How can that darling girl be my daughter?

Full of that joy that erases doubt.

Full of that light that confirms absolutes, like the one that small and simple things actually inspire the great and incredible things. 

And then this came to my mind.

While that full feeling in my heart semi-faded by the day's end, thinking about how the feeling came made me see what I can do to make it stay:

See life's small beauties and remember that life can be good because Jesus Christ lives.

Saying that alone makes me feel happy, and I realize again that life is oh so good.  It isn't too glamorous (proof: family photo above), and I, naturally, don't always feel this way (what human does?), but as said, there's a simple way to get that full, joyful feeling back.

All is well.


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