Thursday, May 2, 2013
We have soaked up the city's finest artwork and fell for an artist up-and-coming, cheered on our soccer-playing bro (more games to come and bros to cheer on), been drooling over the red rock + farmlands, and I had a lunch getaway today with some of my dearest girls. This little vacay is treating us right so far, and the main events of the trip are yet to be!

So we decided that STG is one of the happiest places on earth. Ryan and I keep saying, "Holy beautiful _____ (blooming rose bush, red rock mountain, blue sky, Olivia's bare legs, etc.) - let's move back!" This place is a bit of perfection. We're so lucky to have called it home for so long. When I moved here, I was certain that I would never love Southern Utah like I did Utah Valley, but it didn't take long for this country to win me over. Even the super hot heat is beloved. 

Honestly I can wait for the next few days and adventures ahead...our time here is flying by! 


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