Saturday, May 25, 2013
Elise introduced Olivia to some music that made her dance (aka, shake her arms frantically up an down) and totally squeal with delight. Baby girl so loves her tunes - and her Aunt Elise!
The leaves on trees have fascinated Olivia. Good thing dad is a tall guy! Can't let our discovery baby down.
Shandon was cast as "George Foreman" as we BBQ'd deliciousness with friends. I am thrilled this will be happening all summer long, right George Sha? :)
The big kids welcomed Olivia to the crowd with summertime finesse via wheelbarrow, playground balls, and the fine minimalist clothing.
Olivia has been squishy. That child is lucky to be alive with the munching that Ryan and I do on her cheeks, arms, and legs all.day.long.
I got to take photos of Shandon and Talli's darling family of four. How I love these people, and how I dread their pending moving day...
And recently our neighbor caught us enjoying our "front yard" - we can't get enough of being outside! We enjoyed three different families in the hour we sat there, and we wished the evening wouldn't end.

Bless you, sweet summer time, for bringing out the best in everything - weather, people, and all.


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