Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Other than mothering my Olivia and keeping this house in shape, I've been investing my time in a couple other ventures that are really making me happy.

Every mother needs to have an outlet, right? Something to do that is her own that won't be undone after a coupla hours, yeah? Yes! Outlets are oh so necessary for this 24/7 mothering job.

Here are two of mine, and here's what I've been up to:

1. This blog: its redesign + the updated pages

Those pages over there - "About," "Belief," etc. - are finally getting some content to them, starting with the "About" page, so go have a look. I'll be sharing the content of the other pages when they're ready, which should be very soon. Stay tuned!

I waited to write those pages up because I didn't know which of them would be staying here. I still don't know which will be staying here, actually, as a redesign of this place begins, but I need to bloom in this spot, even with the pending change.

Yes, both Brittany and I - my genius, artist, blog designing friend - thought that this current blog design would be changing soon after it launched. However, life happened to us both, so it has taken us longer than we thought to re-shape this spot. We're back to work on it now, though, so be prepared for a new look soon...

Speaking of Brittany, she is a coding whiz which is vital these days for making a blog "yours," and she has been fantastic at hearing me out and giving ideas. Best of all, she wants this place to be a pure reflection of me - a mark of true talent, I'd say. Keep her on your radar. This lady is going places.

The blog design business is one of her first stops. Check this out for her pricing and past work. Go enjoy her whole her light, lovely, and artistic place for a moment,  so naturally and perfectly self-designed.

Thanks to the moon and back, Britt. You're a wonder.
2. I have a job. I am a contributing writer for a lovely little website.

I write for Momegranate, an up-and-coming site that features 5 of the most spanking new products for moms every day (by "write," I mean that I solely describe the products - I'm not using and reviewing these products in real life, only in my dreams).

For example, check out today's product line-up of jewels for you and goods for your babe. And head back tomorrow to see the next five things Momegranate has to offer. I'm sure you'll be enlightened by your musings.

Gratitude and enthusiasm probably best describe how I feel about this little job. I've watched Momegranate take some shape for some time now, and it's only improving as we speak - stay in tune with this site! Hats off to the website's developers who are some quality entrepreneurs. I love this job, it has me doing what I love right from home: writing writing writing + seeing what's out there to improve myself and my mothering.

Can I quickly say one more thing? Thank you dear reader, whoever you are, (I know you're mostly my family and friends), for joining me on my climb up the wifehood/motherhood trail. It's an upward path for the skilled, advanced kind of lady - there are lots of ups and downs along this path - and I'll be the first to say that I'm such a novice at this, so it means a lot to have you here.

Many thanks and even more love. xoxox.


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