Monday, May 6, 2013
And I loved every minute of my 24-hours.
We had crepes for breakfast, as the Awerkamps do to celebrate such happy days.

Ryan and I stole away for a bike ride and the shortest of runs, just the two of us.

Lunch was had by mom + dad, mom + dad, Ryan + Jeni + Olivia.

And we had a evening, backyard party that involved a barbecue, balloons, a trampoline, and nearly everybody in our families.

I absolutely adore all of my brothers and sisters, my parents, and my in-laws. It was thanks to them all that this birthday was so perfect. From the love that my Provoland siblings sent via phone, to the presence of my family members here at home, I felt so loved - probably more so this birthday than on any birthday before.

Top off my fam's goodness with my friends well-wishes, and I found myself to be the luckiest birthday girl alive.

I am such a blessed lady! Need I say more?

I love you, my birthday. I love you, my families and friends! I love you already, 22.


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