Thursday, May 16, 2013
Dearest Olivia,
You are a gem

I am serious. I don't know how you could be better at being your age.

You sleep all night long from about 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM. You take two naps. Two hours in the morning, two more in the afternoon (it took about 6.5 months, but you've become a sleeping superstar!)

You could take stuff out of things all day long, i.e. the diaper bag (above) never stands a chance of keeping its contents when you're within reach. Then there's the toys in the bin, the laundry in the basket, the diapers in the box...

Eating solid food is coming along naturally for you. I don't think you have a favorite taste yet, but wait 'til you try watermelon. You will love

Teeth. You have two of them. A couple on the bottom, and two more are coming in up top. When you teethe you pull on your ears, rub everything along your gums, and cry out in your sleep, but when that happens I just have to hold, really, you and you fall asleep again. In other words, you grow teeth like a champ! You really aren't too fussy, even though it must feel awful.

Your smile wins hearts. Especially ours. It only takes one of your open-mouthed, squinty grins, and we fall for you all over again.

You are so happy, Olivia, and your natural joy is infectious. Dad and I are trying harder to be happy for no apparent reason, just as you are all the time. We want to be just like you.

Speaking of us, you can say our names! You say "mama" and "dad," and that's not my motherly assumption/translation. Both of your expert grandmothers heard you address us, and they attest that you're well on your way to talking more.

And, as seen in the photos, crawling is coming, too. Slowly, but surely, you're moving!

You are a discoverer and sometimes a tease.
You are dad's darling girl, and you are my angel.

Truly, Olivia, you have done so much for me. Thank you for showing me how to be wonderful. I love my life as your  mother.

Dad's favorite thing about you at seven months: when you say "Dadh," and yes, you make an "h" sound at the end of it. Darling.

Mine: you love us! Your cuddles, kisses, and grins - they say so. And I adore your smile. Squint!

xoxoxox eternally,

Mama & Dad

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