Friday, May 31, 2013

Olivia Darling,

Happy eighth month of life to you, beautiful.

We've been blessed with another thirty days in your presence and could not be more grateful.

You're basically doing the same things as last month, except you've continued to teeth (up top) and this go around hasn't been as smooth. But! You've nearly made it through this round. Give it two more days, and your smile will be framing four white, sweet squares.

Bath time has turned into aqua wrestling between you and us, with the severity of the match dependent upon how badly you want the drain plug. Dad bathes you 5/7 nights now, in case you were wondering, and he loves it.

You are so fun! Really. It's not a chore, bother, or a bore to be with you all day long. You jab at us, talk to yourself, move, "dance," listen, watch, and sleep so well. Life with you is so simple and so very sweet.

Dad's favorite thing about you right now: that gurgle noise you make when you play. It's definitely "your thing," because try as we may, neither one of us can mimic it.

Mine: you are cuddly. You're starting to lay your head on my shoulder just because and it melts me. Always snuggle me, will you love?

How we love you, our happy, smily girl. Keep growing! You're a wonder to watch as you discover this world.

xoxoxoxo eternally,

Your mama & dad


  1. Oh my goodness! Dying here at the cuteness...the chubby cheeks, the expressions...she full of it! Aren't babies the best? I am holding on to every bit of "babyness" left in Korver. He's growing up way too fast. Enjoy every little stage! We need to have you guys over for dinner! Maybe in a couple of weeks for Sunday dinner? Love you guys. Jen

    1. We love you back, Jen! I'll get in touch with you about meeting up - Sunday dinner would be a blast. xoxo.


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