Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I've had some red dirt in my shoes...

One trip home a couple weeks ago wasn't enough, so Olivia and I skipped back to St. George for Mother's Day weekend (bless our sweet Ryan for staying home to work). 

On Saturday a whole troop of us - Olivia and me, my parents, Elise, and the A-Team - sardined ourselves into this slick chassis (we Provo people drove down in that thing, which is a real good story itself), and away we went to Zion Ntl. Park for one serious, beautiful adventure.
We had a such a blast - Zion is beautiful this time of year! My unsolicited advice for the Southern Utah tourist is to visit Zion late-April to mid-May. You'll be blown away by the beauty and perfect, perfect weather. (P.S. that's the end of the photos from the day camera died...whoops!)
So how did Olivia fare all day away from home? Or better yet, how did mama do? 

I was a bit skeptical, honestly, of how the day would go without the normalities of a house. But with a few key players, we had a winner day:

>> Pouch baby food (like this) - it's genius! - and the classic "puffs" for snacking (like these)
>> A carrier was a must. We used a Baby Bjorn that day, and Annie used the Solly Baby Wrap for Ethan babe
>> Two naps in mama's arms were necessary, which meant they were 45 minute short, but they worked!
>> Water water water for me - I nursed Olivia once while there and, surprisingly, it wasn't too hard to be private about it

And, best of all, having a totally positive, confident attitude worked magic, I think. I told myself and Olivia that we would have a great time, and that's exactly how it turned out.  Fake it to you make it, right? :)

Sometimes it's easy to "cop out" out of things with a little and stay homebound, but man, I'm so glad we assumed the positive and went out and did something totally different, something a bit out of the comfort zone. 

Babies really are so flexible and resilient, and I'm learning not to underestimate them. Cheers for an adventurous summer ahead, baby in tow!

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