Wednesday, April 17, 2013
I've felt a little off the last coupla days. 

The laundry is coming out my ears. I've been avoiding it. But yesterday Olivia's laundry couldn't be ignored any longer, so she and I made the trek to the laundromat together. Coatless because her coat is dirty, I bundled her up like so and luckily she wasn't mad about it.
Of course when I am on top of things, I do the laundry when Ryan is around so Olivia can stay home. But like I said, I've been off, it's piled up, and I haven't wanted to face it.

Add to the laundry a cluttering-up house that I've also been ignoring. Exhibit A, Olivia's trail of joy from tonight (not pictured - several other messes that are much too big for our small apartment):
(at least she's the cutest mess-maker in existence)

I really do love my job. Working for Mothering & Co. - half of mothering is beautifying and maintaining a home - is fulfilling and rewarding.

But it is also hard.

The hard part? The work never ends. Laundry, dishes, cook, diapers, repeat, groceries, fold, feed baby, wash, love baby, repeat, dishes, help baby, wash baby, repeat, cook, clean, repeat repeat.

And sometimes I don't want to do it.

Unlike other things, the work of mothering can't be half-baked and never totally avoided. You can't just let it go, settle with a "C," and get over it. Eventually the clutter will climb up the walls until it finds a home on the ceiling.

In the end, I have to do the work.

If Mothering & Co. has taught me anything at all, that's it: I have to do the work.

Thankfully I don't do it all alone. Ryan helps me with everything. He cleans his share of dishes, diapers, and then some. And I help him with his work. I keep him fed, take him to school, and pull in extra cash from a stay-at-home job that I have.

Yes, a happy life doesn't just happen. Especially a happy family life.  So if this job has taught me anything else, this is it: the way I feel about the work is

And honestly, more often than not, I choose to love the work part. Fake it till you make it - it's been my motto for months and, actually, it works! Day by day, the work gets easier. It gets better.

Thank heaven for agency. As said here, it is the most amazing gift. Just because of agency, I can say I love my job and mean it.

Off to finish tonight's dishes. Regardless of the late hour, I'm happy to do them because I'll wake up tomorrow to a kitchen worth cooking in.

Go Mothering & Co.


  1. I've been having the same thoughts the last couple weeks! Our Relief Society Lesson this week was on the talk "Daughters of God" by M. Russell Ballard- it was just what I needed! One of the sisters made the comment that mothers need to do something every once in a while that won't come "undone". Laundry comes undone, dishes come undone, clean diapers come undone- in order to feel accomplished we should do something that we can look at a month later and be proud of because it's still done. Anyways- that lifted my spirits a little and I've already found that making time to do things that don't come undone has helped me a ton! I'm glad you're so optimistic and happy- motherhood really is so rewarding :)

    1. Jess - thanks SO much for posting this comment! "Undone" jobs is the perfect way to put some of that maintenance stuff that can take away from enjoying mothering. I'll be reading that talk and following your example by doing more things that stay done :) Thanks again, sweet friend!

  2. jeni! just saw that you consider my blog "highly recommended." thanks, lady! :) would love to meet olivia one of these days. you three are beautiful people.

    1. You're welcome, my friend, your happy life deserves a shout out. If you introduce me to the boy, Olivia is all yours for a squeeze or two - or three. xoxo.

  3. Look at your baby! she is a dream! love your posts :)


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