Wednesday, April 24, 2013
We have been graced with some personal Taive time since Shandon and Talli had their second baby, and we've loved it. The Taive man is as good as little boys come.

Taive calls Olivia "O-viva!" or "Viva!"(veeev-a) when he's in a hurry.

Those two have spent time together almost every day since Olivia was born. Olivia used to be "Baby," to Taive, and he always said her name in a whisper. Taive is Olivia's superman - she watches everything he does in awe.

Please bless their cousin friendship never ends!
Taive has been the sweetest little boy while Talli has split her time between him and baby brother in the NICU. He tends to cry just a couple tears for mom when she has to go...he loves her so. Those two share a bond that every mother and child needs. 

I so admire Talli for how much she invests in her children, both Taive and baby Blake. Lately I've caught myself letting the toys play with Olivia instead of me, so that I can get my "stuff" done. But I need to be more like Talli and give my full time to Olivia first, and then invest in the other to-do's with whatever time is left. 

In other words, Talli mothers selflessly and I want to, as well.

I love Taive. I am already sending prayers that my sons come just like him. And I love Talli. A new mom like me couldn't have a better sister-in-law to look to and learn from. 


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