Monday, April 8, 2013
We watched eight hours of television. We left to-do's unchecked. We ate good food. We spent time with family and had conversations about principles taught by sages. Sounds like a holiday. 

General Conference weekend may as well be a holiday - it's highly anticipated and always so enjoyed. We didn't see either of our parents this year during Conference, which is uncommon, but we soaked up the family near to us here and had a blast.
We made the long trek to the temple grounds Sunday afternoon (I kid - the temple is basically next door), but we did so somewhat naively. We forgot that 1) missionaries commonly walk up to the temple on Sundays and that 2) there are now about a million missionaries at the Provo MTC.

So we were there with about a million missionaries. 

And it was so much fun. We talked with many of them about where they will be serving and how they are doing. All those we talked with were more than impressive. Our missionaries are incredible.
And they loooved our babes.

Time slowed down a bit due to Conference and I loved it. Ryan was with us for nearly 48 hours straight - that's as good as Christmas for us studying, working folk. We genuinely discussed what we were learning from our church leaders and how we want to improve. Best of all, we felt a real peace that our day-to-day safety and success is guaranteed if we keep God's commandments. 

Yes, no toil, nor labor fear - all is well. That doesn't mean there isn't toil or labor ahead, but it can be without fear, and that is why all is well. That is why life is good.

Loved our holiday. Until October!


  1. Great post! I love the pictures you take. What camera do you use? And what lens? Also, that Olivia girl of yours... what a little fluffy doll!

    1. Thank you, Kels! I use a Canon Rebel XSI with an 18-55mm lens. And I have miiiiles to go with photography, but practicing is helping :) We both have little dolls for babes, don't we? They are so fun!

  2. Jeni I had the exact same thoughts during conference! If only I could express them the way you do.:) I was telling Kendrick that I wished everyone would read your blog. You are such an example of what a mother and woman should be. I love the way you love and enjoy the simple life. I've always looked up to you, always will.:)

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Hailey - you're my example! I've been watching you for YEARS. Did you know that I looked into majoring in exercise science just because you did? :) Serious! And mega cheers for modern prophets. Can't go wrong by following them!


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