Tuesday, April 30, 2013
It was all about a graduate + rollerblades + hair + the uncles. 
On Friday, Shandon, the soon-to-be builder, graduated from BYU. What a guy! Hats off, hats off.

On Saturday we said "hello" to summertime and the beloved Provo Canyon with our rollerblades.
On Saturday night Elise cut our hair because she's nice. Plus she's fun and we love her.
On Sunday we drove to home sweet Santa Clara home - Olivia and the uncles reunite!
And our time here so far has been lovely. There's nothing like a hometown, a pantry, parents, and siblings to bring out the peaceful in you. Ryan is playing the piano even at this very moment, Olivia naps, and I'm off to join her...(we played some ah-mazing tennis this morning. Must've been our much-loved, high school courts - they've always brought out the best in us). 

Just honoring summer like we should. Cheers upon cheers upon cheers.

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  1. Oh my....I am always so successful at getting my awkward faces captured...awwwesomme.


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