Monday, April 1, 2013
I was a bit of a failure easter bunny and documenter this year. Olivia didn't get any eggs or new dresses, and we didn't get a family photo together. After dinner, I walked and walked around the Grassy Knoll debating where we should take the photo for so long that the sun lost its patience with me and set.

Reminds me of that part on "Home Alone 2" where Kevin tells that pigeon lady to appreciate what she has when she has it or she'll lose it. Remember he had a pair of rollerblades that he didn't want to ruin, so he left them under his bed until one day he went to use them but found he had outgrown them?

Yes, next year I'll appreciate the light when it's there and Olivia will at least get some eggs.

Regardless of those little fails, we had a handful of successes that made our holiday wonderful. We enjoyed a yummy Easter meal with some family and friends at the Grassy Knoll, and Olivia patiently let me photograph her on the poky grass (okay I did get one Easter photo, at least). It was a good holiday and such a beautiful Sunday. 

I love Easter. I loved it this year more than ever, probably because during the last year I've needed the Savior's grace  more than ever. I also enjoyed it more because I studied His life in John throughout last week, one chapter a day, to prepare for Easter Sunday. Catching glimpses of who He is through the scriptures helped me honor Him much more sincerely, even if it was mostly via my thoughts and feelings.

He is the great enabler, and I love Him for giving me strength (my job is just a little out of my league). 

Celebrating Jesus Christ's life - and the life He gives me - is wonderful. I am grateful to know that He lives.


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