Wednesday, April 10, 2013
I almost changed her clothes this morning the second she was dressed.

In a tunic and jeggings, she looked so cute. Suddenly she looked so old. 

Old as in grown up. Grown up as in she is becoming little girl and leaving baby behind.

Every day now she does her own thing. She sits with her toys - throwing them around, gnawing on the chewy ones, talking to the flashy ones. Every once in a while she'll stop and look for me.

Mama, ya still there?

Yes, baby, I'm still here. 

Back to the toys. Bababa-ing and laughing.

Luckily - oh so lucky for me - simply checking in with mama is no longer enough and she lets out that cry.

Picking her up, she squeezes my face and even though it hurts I let her do it.

She needs me and I love her so. We've told each other that the feelings are mutual.

She is becoming my beautiful girl. At times I hold my breath as I watch her grow and our time rush by, but it is good. I am a part of her adventure now and will be for forever.

This morning, looking so cute and old in her own little way, I let her be.

I didn't change her clothes.


  1. Your posts make me cry. Growing up happens too quickly!

  2. You are such a wonderful mother, you help me truly look forward to that season in my life. :) Thank you for your sweetness :)


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