Saturday, April 13, 2013

We went on a real, baby-less date today. 


With an hour and a half to ourselves, we oh so easily chose to play tennis.

There is a lot of love between us for this game...

Our very first date - back in summer 2007 - was playing a bit o' tennis together. Ryan called me to play, I was nervous because it was Ryan, but I said "Sure," and that was the beginning of it all.

Sparks flew after that but I smothered them. Too many good vibes too soon - I felt way too young to be liking someone that much, let alone one of my guy friends. For months afterward I told myself over and over, "I don't like Ryan!" because deep down I so did.

Eventually my heart aced my head and voila, six years later we're married and still at this game.


Proof from today by way of practicing the serve that somebody rocks and somebody else...? Mm :)
Our sponsors in high school...

Our old gear just brings back more memories of our young tennis love. Ryan would come to my matches "just for fun" and sit with my mom "just because." In the spring, I would go watch him play after track because I was already at the school, so "might as well."

Ode to tennis! Such a great match maker. Pun definitely intended because it sure brought us together. We highly recommend it as the way to find true love


  1. adore! Mike and are going to pick up tennis too! We moved right across from a giant park with some courts! Here's to new hobbies, and old favourites! :)

  2. i love, love, love this post! it made me smile! you two are the cutest!


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