Thursday, April 4, 2013
The other day Charlotte and Hallie - "the girls" - came by.
The three of them did what babes at their age do best: scoot scoot, squawk, bite, shake, fall into a daydream while gnawing on a toy.

Watching them convinced me that over six-months-old babies are like buffalo - they do best in packs. These three lived in their own happy, small world as we parents faded out of their minds like a mediocre sunset, one that doesn't quite catch your eye.

How we love our little friends (their parents aren't too bad either).

There are littles to be found all around our neighborhood. Just today before 1:00 this afternoon, Olivia and I spent time with four other babes under the age of two.  Then, between 5:00-6:00 we crossed paths with four more littles – same age frame.

Babes are to Wymount as restaurants are to New York. They’re everywhere, found in the most incredible, exciting of varieties.

Living in the mecca for childhood and loving it.

I [heart] WYMNT. 


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