Saturday, April 27, 2013
That's a Taive "sa-mile!" and an Olivia sneeze. These two :)
A couple of days ago, we three walked to campus because springtime is being beautiful and the littles love the outdoors. As we left I told Taive and Olivia to look for the flowers, and to tell me when they saw something pretty.

Toward the end of the walk, after being the only one that said anything about the many flowers along the way, Taive caught on and said, "Look! Jen flowas!" as he pointed to some regular old blossoms above him. I acted overjoyed, like they were the first blooms we had seen the whole time, which made him sa-mile.

Being with children is so fun. It is so inspiring! I am an eyewitness of discovery every single day by the most eager learners of all humans. Watching them marvel at both the insignificant and the magnificent is teaching me to do the same.

Don't pass these blossoms by! Taive said. Nothing is an old regular. Everything is a bit of amazing.
Children are little sages in their own right. They so naturally teach that goodness is all about this life, if you want it to see it.

They're the teachers, I'm the student. How ever did I get so lucky?


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