Monday, April 22, 2013
photo via grandpa

Sunday mm Sunday…bless you for slowing us down, grounding Ryan from studying, and stuffing us with good food, friends, and family. 

Sunday yesterday was made up all of those things. My cousin’s baby was blessed, so family gathered and my grandparents came to town. I love my grandma and grandpa. They’re in a different part of the state each weekend, it seems, delivering Grandma’s banana bread to us offspring and loving in their sweet ways.

My grandpa always says, “You look good. You look happy.” And then shaking a finger he adds, “Stay sweet.”

Grandma can’t help but shed a tear when with any of her grandbabes. “Ohhh I love you!” she says, her voice quivering just a little.  Her heart is tender, probably the softest one I know.

It was oh so good to see them yesterday...glad we're still close enough for their visits and that they're healthy enough to come around.


Later we visited the beloved Rabans because they're some of our faves.

These guys. Such happy little dads.
photo via jess

Jess and I handed over the girls, sat back, and watched Randall and Ryan glory in their daughters as they talked law school. Those two are pretty exceptional men. Throw some babes on their laps and they may just be perfect. 

This Sunday was a happy one, true to form and purpose. So glad this perfect day comes and around and around!


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