Saturday, March 9, 2013

We walked around the neighborhood Friday afternoon. The air was warmer and fresh - rain was coming.  We had time to be together and we loved it. Best kind of date, in my book. 

I am so grateful for Ryan and Olivia, this small little family that the three of us comprise. I am grateful for my own parents, sisters, and brothers. I am grateful for every member of my Awerkamp family – all 10 of them.

I am grateful most of all to know that my family relationships are going to last. They are never ending! Do I really grasp that?  I don’t think so. Do I really appreciate it? Probably not.  Although I am trying to. I'm trying to love my family, true and faithful, 100%.

My happy family life isn't finite. This or that might separate me from them or them from me, but the distance – however great – will not keep us apart for forever. 

Nothing brings me greater peace or truer joy than to know that.

Second star to the right, and straight on to eternity – that’s the plan, and I'm following it with a grateful heart and my family in hand.  


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