Monday, March 25, 2013
This is us in our most present, realest life. 

Not so put together and every bit in lo-o-ove.

Ryan's semester is winding down, which means his dedication to the LSAT is winding up. 
In a year from now, we'll be heading somewhere to learn the law, make another place our home, find more friends, and discover a new city. 

It's safe to say that I have felt a need to be more present and involved with the people in our lives here and this place we're calling home... that said future will arrive oh so quickly.

Life is good. It really, truly is. Sometimes it comes with cold weekends and cold showers but that's fine - it only makes the hot ones a hundred times greater.

A thought from a recent read:
"No well-integrated life is possible without self-acceptance. If you are shy, accept it. If you have no musical ability, accept it, as though to say: 'I, John Smith, hereby accept myself with my inherited endowments and the elements in my environment that I cannot control, and I will now see what I can do with this John Smith."

Goal for the week: see what I can do with this Jeni Awerkamp.  

All is well.


  1. Love this, love you, love your baby! You are so inspired and capture motherhood in it's purest, most beautiful form.

    Thank you!


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