Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Just found this picture on our computer and I instantly smiled. Ryan was playing with Olivia again on Sunday. Behold, the fruits of their labors. (Sorry, Ry, if you hate this pic because of its largeness, but I love it.)

Thank you, my Wonderful. Thank you, Darling. I needed a pick-me-up. 

I'm in the middle of recovering from that cold. It's been nasty. I'm at the beginning of adjusting to staying on "mama duty" even when feeling awful. Motherhood doesn't really come with sick days. 

This morning found me feeling pretty sorry for myself, so I'm here to count some blessings. 

1. Olivia took a three hour nap this morning. Three hours! That is not my child! I prayed that something like that would happen today, and then it did...? That nap was so nice and so very needed. (Say your prayers. You'll be glad you did). 

2. I don’t have cancer and I'm not paralyzed.

3. My mother is in town. I love my mother. Kimbee came with. I love my Kimbee.

4. This good read - it humbled me, inspired me, and changed my way of thinking in the first 30 pages alone. 

5. Baby Ethan is here! My sister, Annie, is a mother again – to five now. I really, really admire her. Since becoming a mother myself, very few things impress me more than women with multiple children that mother them well. Annie is one of those ladies in my life. I am very grateful for her example (and her bravery - five kids?? I can hardly handle one!)

So even though I cannot hear (my ears are 100% clogged), nor can I taste (my nose is so stuffed), and my eyeballs are sore, and my head is heavy, all is well. Olivia's smirk and Ryan's smile, plus my many many blessings, prove it. 

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  1. LOVE thankful lists - they truly help us count our many blessings. :) thanks for reminding me to count my own.


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