Monday, March 4, 2013
Ryan turned a whopping 23 years old last month, and his favorite gifts this year were these lovelies sent via airmail from home sweet home:
He and I had the best time as we 1) guessed who made which card and then 2) read through them over and over again. 

Ryan's family is sooo much fun. Their personalities are so similar and yet very unique, and these are the birthday cards to prove it. 

Something simple and beautiful from Mom. 
 A penguin on a nest from Luke.
A comic from Isaac. The left side, "Today," and the right side, "Tomorrow." It came with no explanation as to who's who. In fact, the comic wasn't explained at all in the card. Yep, that's sincerely Isaac.
"Ryan Serves." A Tyler original.
With lots of heartfelt love and emotion, from Jason.
The cover of Dad's card said, "Happy Birthday, Ryan," with a squiggly line and a firework, which when Ryan saw, he said was the kind of card they usually give each other - no comics, no drawings, no penguins (this year's batch was really impressive). But then we opened it up to find...

The Angel Olivia, a portrait by Scott. 

Well done, Dad.

Comics + penguins + color + brotherly love = pure birthday happiness.


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  1. Way too cute! :) haha I especially like the penguin "sup boy" card! Nothing quite like homemade cards!


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