Friday, March 29, 2013
Today was so lovely. Spring is a blessing. What if winter lasted for forever? Bleh. 

Fridays are dreamy because Ryan spends most of the day at home with us. Yes, he studies for a good chunk of it, but at least he’s within eyeshot….I am so in love with him.

Tonight we went out to eat – on the lawn – because we could. It was a very successful date. Dinner was delicious and it came with an unexpected, fantastic show, “Olivia Attacks & Attempts to Eat the Camera.” We plan on seeing it again soon.

I would have never guessed that toting a baby along for a date would be enjoyable but it is. Probably because we are a little family and we’re in love? Yeah, probably. Granted, Ryan and I both have an itch for a good, real solo date soon, but the majority of our dates “family-style” have been wonderful.

Three cheers for a very happy Friday. Feeling grateful for these kind of days.


  1. that picture of you and olivia needs to be framed, its so darling!

    ellie squeals every time i jump on your blog and she sees olivia's face! yes, playdate soon!!

  2. Mmm! Dinner looked good! What did you make? You're always so healthy. I'd love to know some of your recipes and learn from your wealth of knowledge in nutrition :-)

    1. Katie! We had brussel sprouts and salmon that night (the frozen filets from Costco - nothing too fancy) :) As soon as I get some recipes perfected, I'll have to share them on here. Isn't good food the best??


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