Saturday, March 2, 2013
And I missed it. I was facing away from her, chopping the broccoli for dinner. But when I turned to see how my little girl was doing, and when I noticed that my once face-side up baby was now belly-side down, I didn't miss this: 

her triumph face.
We re-rolled onto her back again so she could give it another go...
...but nah, once was good enough for her.

I'm enjoying every bit of this growing up thing. Tiny baby Olivia was wonderful - she was 1000% pure and new - and that kind of perfection is hard to compete with. But watching her learn and "get" things is a thrill that I am absolutely loving.

I am already so proud of her. Tonight after her bath, as she sat on my lap all bundled in her towel, I noticed how much light is in Olivia's eyes. She was smiling and laughing, rocking back and forth. Her happiness was so genuine, and I couldn't help but feel happy myself just because I was with her.

My head says that Olivia will always be naturally cheerful, and my heart feels that she will bring many people joy.

She's off to a good start, I'd say.

 I love love love my Olivia!


  1. adore this post :) thanks for sharing :)

  2. She really does have a light...I noticed today. She sure is a wonderfully pleasant baby! So happy when she's happy. Love that.


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