Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Ryan was on Olivia duty while I made dinner last Sunday, and like any honorable former member of the middle school marching band, he pulled out his trumpet to serenade her.

Maybe she was initially a little bit uncertain of the situation?
Then she started to enjoy it, 
and then she was like, "Okay that's loud now."
 "And I'mmmm kind of done with this."
"Uh, I'm done?"
Ryan and I were dying laughing at her facial expressions and her attempt to cover her ear, which then made Olivia laugh, so the three of us together made up one sweet laughing trio.

Ryan and I have always perfectly enjoyed each other – the natural and easy way that we laugh and joke was key in changing him and me from being just friends to best friends to us. But since we've thrown an Olivia into the mix our whole party has changed, ten times for the better.

Olivia rocks. 

Love her like crazy.


  1. Ha ha! This is so funny. Wished I was there to witness!

  2. oh heavens. all kinds of precious. i love the picture you caught of her laughing. so so cute!

  3. Hey Jeni, I nominated your for a Liebster Award. The details are on my blog! Olivia is a doll! Glad you love mommy life, it's the best!


  4. What fabulous pictures! You've captured such a sweet moment. xo


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