Saturday, March 23, 2013
Hello Baby Olivia,

You are officially six months old (say what??), and you have transformed from little baby Olivia to real baby Olivia. To say that your mama and dad are shocked doesn't do us justice. You've been growing behind our backs.

You are rolly polly, squishy, smiling, laughing, totally aware of what's going on everywhere, and still so happy.

You have quite the arsenal of facial expressions. You so easily make others laugh with your squinty eyes and scrunchy nose. Thank you for bringing such joy to this planet.

You are picking little things up - you're getting closer and closer to the pincer grasp - and you are touching everything, too, all day long. Walls, chairs, floors, the fridge door, furniture, my face, clothes hanging in the closet. You're becoming aware of the many many things you are surrounded by, even in this tiny apartment.

You love being near dad and me, and then everybody else. During the last month you've become keenly aware of us, which means other people have become somewhat freaky. Granted, many people tend to pull you from my arms - "Oooh I just want to squeeze her!" - when they see you, so that may be a reason for your recent hesitations to leave us. And/or you're just a six month old (you're attached + you have no concept of permanence or time (when I leave, you really think I'm forever gone)).

Food is good, you say. So far you've loved eating your peas, pears, and sweet potatoes, but not applesauce.

See ya, Fisher Price, you know the real toys when you see them: phone cords, computer chargers, fake flowers, and tupperware lids (but you never play with the cords long enough to cause harm to either your or the appliance).

Mama's favorite thing about you right now: your wide, open-mouthed, wet kisses. You're giving them out to us like they're Peeps and it's Easter.

Dad's favorite: your kisses, he says.

We love you. So so much.

Six months never looked so good, darling. Never grow up.




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