Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I am very much a less-than-seasoned mother, but the time I have spent as "mama" has given me a love for a handful of baby products. And since it seems like lots of friends and family are either mid-pregnancy, about to deliver, or prepping via their "My Future Child" Pinterest board, I thought I'd share my very favorite, tried-and-true baby goods.

1. Aden & Anais muslin swaddles.  These are fabulous - look no further for the perfect swaddle. Before having Olivia I thought I would just make my own swaddle blankets (which I did) but after having Olivia my mom picked these up for me (my little blankets, in the end, weren't bit enough; you need a lot of fabric for good swaddling!) These very large, lightweight, and stretchy swaddles soften with every wash, too. Perfection.

2. Johnson & Johnson Lotion + Aveeno Baby Body Wash (lavendar scented). This seems to be the soap-lotion combo to make that newborn baby scent linger longer. Nearly everyone that holds Olivia comments on how good she smells - "just like a newborn." I wish, like her cheeks, that her scent were attributed to genetics, but J&J and Aveeno, I applaud you. 

3. The Wrap by Solly Baby. There are a lot of baby carrier options out there, and wraps are a nice way to go, in my book. They're easy to pack, comfortable, and just fun to wear, honestly.  Solly Baby's wrap won me over. Their wraps are a reasonable length (some wraps out there are insanely long and huge), the colors are wardrobe friendly, and the material is lighter, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. Olivia has really enjoyed the wrap, too. We're still using it even at 5 months. We went on a walk in it just today. 

4. Tommee Tippee bottle. Olivia feeds so easily from these bottles - I'll go ahead and call them life savers. It takes a lot of stress out of the picture when I can leave a bottle with the babysitter and trust that Olivia will eat. Two thumbs up, Tommee. 

5. Snap n' Go stroller. This little frame-of-a-stroller has been super convenient for errand running and busy places. We have a sturdier stroller, but it's bulky, which can be "bleh" in certain settings. It's also nice for storing - it hardly takes up space. I've been pleased with this little guy. You can find him all over online and in various brands to fit your car seat. 

6. Birdseye cotton burp cloths. Birdseye cotton is really soft. Softness is acquired with washing, and every time the cloth is washed it only gets better. Like the swaddles, these are lightweight which makes toting them around (or basically wearing them) bearable. They're also uber absorbant. I highly recommend. 

Cheers to mother and baby living! I may be biased, but it's a lovely way of life, especially with the right goods on your side. 


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