Wednesday, February 27, 2013
My Dear,

You are officially five months and six days old today. And you're absolutely wonderful.

Your personality is coming out even more as you still continue to talk talk talk and laugh. It's funny, though, because you can be as calm as you are energetic. Sometimes you are just as pleased to sit and watch what's going on around you as you are to talk with someone face-to-face. That calm, contemplative part of your personality matches the little baby you were in utero: you sat very still in there. You were not a mover.

Dad says his favorite thing about you at five months is your laugh, and you're laughing more and more. My favorite thing is that you're loving us: you reach out and touch our faces, you're giving us those open-mouthed, slobbery "kisses," and you snuggle with us. That's true joy.

You have discovered your ears, feet, toes, nose, and that you are in control (three cheers for developing motor skills).

You are kind of sitting up on your own.

You love just a few toys and many many books.

Bath time is still the second-best part of the day. The first-best part is our morning reunion. Your smile is still huge when you wake up. P.S. You're sleeping so much better. Thank you.

You do a big rocking motion - back and forth, back and forth - when you're happy.

And you are really happy. I am happy, too.
Five months never looked so good, Olivia. Never grow up.



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  1. the cutest! ellie and i love that little olivia girl! thanks for such a fun playdate :)


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