Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Olivia - that last picture of you - you finally gave the faintest of smiles when Dad walked in the room. You love him. 

Your eyes look a bit tired here because you're ready for your nap. 

Speaking of your naps, currently they are 45-60 minutes long, 90 minutes apart. Seriously short and sweet and as predictable as an alarm clock. 

P.S. After trying every trick of the trade to get your to sleep longer to no avail, I've realized you must simply like being with me. Mom > sleep. That's a compliment coming from a four-month old. Thank you, love.

At four months you are jabbing more than ever. I often let you be to ooh and ahh with your imaginary (or maybe angelic) friends while I work on whatever needs to be done around this place. You often wake up from your sleep "talking" rather than crying, and I wait until you're really ready for me to get you. My cue is a really loud "ehhhh!" and I'm up to get you asap. I love being with you. 

You are loving people even more. Watching people, meeting people, listening to people. Your cousins make you really happy. Good thing you have two more coming this way to be your friends.

You're not rolling over yet, but you're close. You're starting to flex your little bum muscles up and down, up and down, and you're moving your hips side to side. You are a strong little one. You're kind of petite, so we're told. Everybody loves your smile! I love it most. 

I love that smile when it comes from your crib after you wake up. Bright-eyed and wide-mouthed, you are so excited to see me. We must still be getting used to being together again after the twenty-something years that I've been on earth without you - that has to be the reason for the excitement.

I don't think I've ever felt so special since becoming your mother. You're too good to me, darling girl. 

Four months fits you perfectly, darling. Never grow up. 

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