Friday, September 15, 2017
I got my first haircut since having Emmy last week (oh how it was time ๐Ÿ˜Œ). Since you always talk deep with your hairdresser, I asked her what she wish she would've done differently as a mom when her girls were little. Of all the things (her girls are adults now), said she would've "written down the funny things they said. I scrapbooked all the time. I have a hundred photos of them, but I don't have record of their funny phrases and sweet comments, and so much of what they said made up our lives, and made them who they were then...I miss that part of them now!"

Well, talk about a shot through the heart (bless you, Deanne). I have a hundred photos of my girls. And yes! They are saying hilarious, wonderful, crazy, things all the time. And yet, nooo! I've barely captured their perfect voices here. Rarely do I write down the things they say and I need to start writing down the things they say. Because they really are perfect-to-me little girls, and while I blog motherhood and life here in part to help them as future women and moms, maybe one of the most helpful things for them later will be looking back through this lens to relish and remember themselves as the little girls - who they were, what they said, that they were perfect (especially in their mama's eyes) - and that they always will be. 


What would we do without water. Seriously, though. We lived at the pool this hot hot summer, and I've never been so grateful for water in my life. I took the girls almost every day when Ryan was studying for the Bar. The big girls would suit up in floaties, Emmy and I would watch from the side in the shade (and eventually nap. Well, Emmy napped. I snugged). Or, we'd luck out and Ryan's mom and brothers would come - then the girls would not suit up in floaties and instead swim their little hearts out with The Uncles and Grandma by their sides. Emmy and I would still watch from the side in the shade (next summer she'll be old enough for that bright sun and sunscreen), so happy for the chance to be outside in that water. 

Then Daddy finished the Bar and where'd we go on the daily? Back to the pool. Ryan is a water man. Which is why waving to us from inside the house while we drove away to swim on the daily could've killed him. Thank GOODNESS the Bar ended, and he got to live at the pool for just a little bit, too... 


Friday, September 1, 2017

As in "hello!" not Hawaii. ;) 

Lots has happened since I last made some time to write! Ryan took the California Bar Exam in San Diego (cue the tears - he worked so hard and we girls have so loved having him back). As soon as Ryan got home from CA, we hit the road for three weeks to celebrate that our daddy was finally getting some summer time. Week 1 found us in Utah County. We had a reunion with our law school family (it was so good to see everyone!), and the girls had mega cousin time while we stayed at my sister's. Week 2: Sundance! My family had our first, official family reunion, which was awesome and weird all at once (are we that old?!) It was such a good time. After having to pass on more than one big family party over the last three years, it was good to be with our people full-time. 

Week 3: Yellowstone! And beyond. :) 


Monday, July 17, 2017
Our precious Emmy Eve was given a name and a blessing on Sunday, just after church at my parent's home in the company of our immediate families. "Baby Blessings" are customary in my faith - a sweet little tradition we carry out, primarily as a nod to this scripture here, but it's an old custom (IE the naming of John the Baptist here) - and as a mama, it's something I so look forward to. The Spirit is close. There is a keen feeling heaven is near, and that heaven always has been in my baby's behalf. I totally believe that my children have a past - a heavenly past - and that my job as a mother is to just nurture their divine nature out in full. So hearing what their personalities are like (slash, what they have been like for ages!), what their missions are in life, and how much their Heavenly Father loves them pulls at my mother heart in the best possible way. 

Emmy's sweet blessing was as tender as they come. I am so grateful for this strong soul. She is precious!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017
I had the funnest opportunity back in May - right after we moved from VA! - to be interviewed by the stellar Monica Packer, the brains and blood behind the blog and podcast, "About Progress." Monica is with-it, brilliant, and beating back the ugly parts of the WWW so well with her uplifting and inspiring work. I was totally honored to chat with her about so many things that I love about life. We covered tons of ground -- stuff that I've talked about here, like finding joy (my fave!!) and other stuff that I haven't talked about, like transitioning from running Let's Playground (now known as Gathre), back to full-time motherhood and what that really looked like for me.

Give the interview an ear HERE, and keep your eyes on Monica from here on out. You'll be glad you did. ๐Ÿ™Œ

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